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Horsham College inspiring more students to get active through Move it! Mondays program

“I do think sometimes about how much pollution we put into the world, and it is a great motive to ride to school,” Year 8 Student Pippa.

“The beauty of this program is that the kids have come up with these ideas. They said, ‘We want house points and we’d love a shield at the end of the year’. It’s a good example of the student voice coming through.” Horsham College Health and Physical Education coordinator Rod Kirkwood.

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Peace of Mind for Parents

Built in Reward Program

Instant email sent to Parents notifying that their child has arrived safely at school.

Each Tag On goes towards students Individual & School House active tally.

Safer School Zones

Built in Data Reporting

Active travel facilitates reduced traffic and parking congestion around school zones.

Easy data export and analysis is included in the program.