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Moreland Primary Schools Tag On to Walking and Cycling

“We usually ride twice a week but now my kids want to ride every day, even when it’s cold. It’s also good for me because it helps me know they get to school safely”

“Today is the first time my son rode to school, and tagon influenced that decision”

“I love the new TagOn system, it allows me to ride with my boy only a short way past a few busy streets before he does the rest solo and I go my separate way to work. Knowing he gets to school safely via the daily email is so important to me.”

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Peace of Mind for Parents

Built in Reward Program

Instant email sent to Parents notifying that their child has arrived safely at school.

Each Tag On goes towards students Individual & School House active tally.

Safer School Zones

Built in Data Reporting

Active travel facilitates reduced traffic and parking congestion around school zones.

Easy data export and analysis is included in the program.