Why Use Tag On

Encourage children to be more active

Riding, scooting or walking to school is an easy way for children of all ages to meet the recommended minimum daily requirement of 60 minutes of physical activity. Active children are less likely to be overweight and are at a reduced risk of developing diseases. They arrive at school awake, alert and ready to learn.

Build children’s independence and confidence

Active travel to school allows children to be independent, improves their spatial awareness and knowledge of road rules and safety. Whether they actively travel with their family or their friends, they have an opportunity to become more socially connected.

Improve safety around your school

When more children ride, scoot or walk, traffic is reduced on the roads around your school. Less traffic leads to less parking congestion on the roads around your school and is better for our environment.

Alleviate safety concerns

Tag On can send an email or SMS notification to parents when their child tags on at school. This reassures parents that their child has arrived safely.

Easy Reporting

With each student able to participate, schools can automatically collect daily data on how their students are travelling to school. The data can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of  behavioural change programs and to form the basis of lesson plans or student led initiatives. Anonymised reporting can highlight trends and assist to evaluate the effectiveness of travel initiatives implemented in your school in the local area.