Tag On is currently inspiring active travel in the following Victorian schools:

  • Christ Our Holy Redeemer, Oakleigh East
  • St Finbar’s Primary School, Brighton
  • Murrumbeena Primary School, Murrumbeena
  • Horsham College
  • Lyndale Secondary College
  • Tag On is proud to be part of Merri-bek City Council’s Ride & Stride Program with Tag On kiosks in the following local schools:

  • St Oliver Plunkett Primary School, Pascoe Vale
  • Brunswick North West Primary School, Brunswick West
  • Oak Park Primary School, Oak Park
  • Brunswick South West Primary School, Brunswick West
  • St Margaret Mary’s Primary School, Brunswick

  • You can read the outcomes report here to learn more about the role Tag On played in the Ride & Stride pilot program .

    With the financial support of the City of Stonnington, as part of its Walking Action Plan 2022-2030, Tag On is also operating in the following schools:

  • Malvern Valley Primary School
  • St Mary’s Primary School, Malvern East
  • Lloyd Street Primary School
  • Malvern Primary School
  • St Joseph’s Primary School, Malvern
  • We are also working with the following Councils and organisations to roll out Tag On as part of various pilot programs and initiatives aimed at encouraging active travel and behavioural change:

  • Latrobe City Council – St Vincent de Paul Primary School Morwell.
  • City of Ballarat – Magpie Primary School, Delacombe Primary School, Newington Primary School.
  • Bendigo Community Health Services – “Move Your Way” program – St Liborius Primary School, Bendigo Primary School.
  • City of Greater Bendigo – Safe Routes to School program – Kalianna School, Lightning Reef Primary School, St Peter’s Primary School
  • Knox City Council – Boronia Heights Primary School, Bayswater West Primary School
  • Tag On has been featured on the Channel 9 News and in The Age newspaper.

    My son is in grade 4 and at the start of the year he started riding about 3 km to school by himself. The TAG ON system gives me piece of mind, as I receive an email as soon as he has tagged on at school, so I know he has arrived safely. Great initiative!

    Dana M

    The TAG ON is great cause it means I get to ride to school by myself.

    Ethan M

    Our school has the TAG ON system. The system promotes being active through tagging on and awarding points to the kids school house.

    Not only does this give my 10 year old son the incentive to be active but the system also has given me the confidence to let my son ride to school on his own. The system sends me an email to advise that he has arrived at school.

    My son had been asking me for some time to let him ride on his own to school. This is a 10-15 min bike ride from our house and across a major road.

    Whilst I felt that he was a safe rider I was still worried about his safety. People coming out of driveways etc. I really did not feel able to let him ride to school on his own without checking that he made the trip ok. The email that I get from the system, gives me the peace of mind knowing that he has arrived safely.

    Being able to have this independence has been so good for his confidence. I think that the knock on effect of this has been his belief in himself. His ability to deal with issues on his own, feeling of pride in being given the responsibility and his general happiness has improved greatly.

    This one small thing has made a big difference for him.

    Without the TAG ON system I don’t think, in truth, I would have been as willing to allow him to ride to school on his own. That meant that I would either drive him to school or ride with him. As riding to school is not possible for me every day it would mean maybe once or twice a fortnight he would be active.

    Now he rides to school every day with the exception of days with very bad rain.

    Angie N

    I like the TAG ON system because it helps my Mum to be confident to let me ride to school. I really love riding and it would not be the same if I had to ride to school with Mum. Maybe this system would help other parents to let their kids ride to school. Other parents might feel confident because every day when their child rides to school and they get the email, they would know that their child is safe.

    Ben N

    It is really good, cause you can earn house points from riding or walking to school.

    Brodie M

    We would highly recommend this system to any school community for the reassurance it provides for independent children and youth.

    As parents of a 10 year old girl and 8 year old boy who so desperately wanted the independence of riding to school on their own, but weren’t ready for the responsibility of a mobile phone, the Tag On System has provided us with the peace of mind that they are arriving at school safely with notifications of Tag Ons arriving instantaneously. We would highly recommend this system to any school community for the reassurance it provides for independent children and youth.

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