How Tag On Works

  • Tag On consists of a kiosk with a touch screen monitor and data transfer (RFID) reader. Students are provided with their own data tag, which they use each day to ‘tag on’ at the kiosk.
  • As students arrive at school, they ‘tag on’ at the kiosk and use the touch screen to select how they travelled to school: walk, ride, car or public transport.
  • Each time students use the system, they earn Individual and House Active Travel Points. The kiosk displays real-time individual and house active travel tally boards at every tag on. Parents receive an email when the student tags on, acknowledging that their child has arrived safely.
  • Tag On can send an email or SMS notification to parents when their child tags on at school. This reassures parents that their child has arrived safely.
  • The Tag On program enables schools to automatically collect daily data on how their students are travelling to school. Tag On’s reporting suite allows schools to evaluate the effectiveness of their active travel initiatives and behavioural change programs, as well as providing data that can be used to form the basis of lesson plans and student led initiatives.